This is a difficult time for the Malkavians. The church’s opinion is that mental issues are caused by ungodly behavior. Several of the clan's members have met Final Death due to unexpected daytime exorcisms.

The War of Princes is coming to an end; the ones that can see the winds of fate will know who is destined for victory, and what alliances to make. Other vampires want to take advantage of the mad vampires gift of prophecy. Clever Malkavians, on the other hand, use this to their advantage.

Appearance: Sometimes, Malkavians look the part of madness, but these rare examples tend to lead short existences. If there’s one signature trait among the Malkavians, it’s normalcy. Malkavians learn quickly to blend with their surroundings, even if they couldn’t at time of the Embrace.

Haven: A Malkavian's haven is a places which look normal in its context. A Malkavian monk sleeps in a monastery, for example. They’ll do anything to blend in and not stand out.

Backgrounds: Every Malkavian stands as an individual, so each possesses unique needs and interests. They Embrace in accordance with those needs. That lack of predictability affords the clan one of its greatest strengths. If one feature is common amongst prospective Malkavians, it’s an inherent calmness and sense of judgement.

Character Creation: Malkavians are a cerebral clan. Almost all favour Mental Attributes, and most favour Knowledges. The less stable favor Talents, with which they can manipulate and force change in the world around them. Many possess Allies, in case they need a quick save in the face of persecution. Enterprising Malkavians foster Mentor relationships and Status in order to stage themselves as invaluable. A fairly new trend, among the younger members of the clan, is to learn Dominate at the cost of Dementation. Those who practice self-flagellation – or fear mortal hunters – tend to pick up Fortitude.

Clan disciplines: Auspex, Dementation and Obfuscate

Weakness: Malkav’s children each suffer from an imbalance of the humours that’ll never truly fade. At character creation, choose one derangement. This derangement can never be cured, and a Malkavian may only use Willpower to ignore it for a turn at a time. Even powerful gifts of the blood such as Valeren may only push it aside for a night. After such an effort, however, the derangement comes back in full force. For a week thereafter, the Malkavian cannot use Willpower to resist her derangement at all.

Organization: Malkavians cannot formally gather in large numbers, for fear of persecution. If a convocation of Cassandras ever came to pass, it would almost certainly see devastation at the hands of Brujah soldiers. Clan members each bear unique signs of imbalance. However, certain threads, certain vague hints of prophecy flash among most or even all members. Many assume this a coincidence, that clan members change their stories to make them sound alike. Others whisper that their dead progenitor seeks to return with secrets lost in the labyrinth of the mind.

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